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Throw-ins – how deadly are you?

Throw-ins – how deadly are you?

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Welcome everybody to my first blog on tactics and tips. I shall be sharing my own experiences of football manager and a few things I’ve picked up over the years to help hopefully make your game experience a lot better. Now I’m not saying my tactics are gospel nor plug and go they are merely a template for you to add into your team and for you to add the topping. Everything needs work.

Lets get into this then, how deadly is your throw in? Do you even think about having that option to create a goal scoring opportunity from a throw? Below I’m going to go through what I have been using on FM19 and how devastating it can be. I will go through what players roles are, what attributes they require and show you clips of the finished article so what are you waiting for….go grab a drink, get comfy and let’s get into this.

So to start I have to drop credit on one of my favourite FM19 creators and a top bloody chap and that’s FMCatenaccio as it was him that brought it to my attention how good this could be. I fully recommend you read his article after this. Click here It always stuck in my head from one of his posts that you need to get that extra 1% out of your players and how can I be that 1% better as a team. This got me in the realms of set pieces and to start with throw ins. I must have made thirteen different tactics before I had got the one I wanted, tweaking them, changing things, personnel, it was a labour of love.

First things first lets take a look at my tactics from a throw in and break them down starting from the front to the back.

So when I’m building my tactics I always try to keep left-sided players on the left and right on the right, the last thing you want if you get countered is players having to run across the middle of the pitch just to get back into position. Anticipation is key to this tactic so your going to hear that word a lot. Remember you can’t be offside from a throw-in!

STC: Attacking the far post – High anticipation and good finishing so he can ne ready for the cross

AMC: Marking the keeper – He is your wall. Your second tallest player with good strength. He will be blocking the keeper and being a total menace

DC: Go forward – Second most important player for this. This will be your tallest player, best jumper, best header, he will be flicking that ball on into this bunch of players for an easy tap-in

DCL:  Go forward – Your third tallest player with good anticipation and heading. He will be ready for that flick on or head it himself

DCR: Go forward – Your fourth tallest player with good anticipation and heading. He will be ready for that flick on or head it himself

WBR: Go forward – Doesn’t need to be tall, purely there for counter attack but if he also has good anticipation that’s a bonus

MCL: Lurk outside area – Another key player as he will drive that ball back into the area if its headed back. Good first touch, passing and long shots will also help this player

MCR: Stay back – The defensive wall. My players are quick, can tackle and can also pass to get that ball back into the area

DM: Stay back – The defensive wall. My players are quick, can tackle and can also pass to get that ball back into the area

WBL: Long thrower – The star of the show. If this player is weak the whole thing will fail. He MUST have throwing of at least 12-13 to get that ball into the box and cause problems. His throw will catch everyone out and 9/10 leave the defenders standing still before they even know what’s happening. If there marking is good sometimes your DC will head the ball back into the path of your WBL and cross the ball in.


  • Anticipation –  Must be at least 14 to give the players the best chance of getting on the end of the ball
  • Long thrower – At least throwing of 12-13 so he can launch that ball into the box
  • Good jumpers – Having players that can jump and out head the opposition will help
  • Quick defence – Making sure you have the right players at the back, teams will counter you from time to time and you need to be ready
  • Positioning – Putting the players on the correct side of the pitch whilst attacking with help combat the counter attack


I tried to introduce into my training schedule once or twice a week set piece delivery and chance conversion. Found this helps train the players with this method


Now we have the players all set in there roles lets show you what the outcome is. Below is a few photos, videos of goals I’ve scored this season with my Boston United team which you can follow my save here.

The ball has been sprung from my WBL seen at the bottom of this photo and the ball is just inside the penalty area and as you can see my line of players have all moved forward in anticipation for the ball either being headed on or dropping to there feet. It looks like I have four players all offside but remember you cant be offside from a throw so this is a huge advantage we are gaining here. Making sure we hit our big man at the front is vital but depending on how good the throw is determines how good a chance we will get.

Our defensive line is also sitting in the middle of the pitch marking there only striker. Yes we can still get countered but with there passing outlet marked it gives our players time to get back.

Click the link here and see the goal scored from start to finish.

Same situation in the same game but from the other side, my WBL taking this throw as my WBR wasn’t on the pitch for this one but the same outcome. Ball launched into the area and with no marking again because we caught them off guard with our long throw my CB smashes in a volley.

Click here to see the goal from start to finish.

Hope you enjoyed this and it can advance your game. Any questions please drop me a message.

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Welcome back everyone. Hope your Christmas and new year celebrations went well. Nice little break but plenty of football manager played over the festive period. So when I left you last we had just won the Vanarama National league making that back to back titles and promotions and now we find ourselves in league two and a professional club. Not going to be an easy season but lets see what we can do shall we.

Lets start with the new players I’ve introduced into the team for my survival in league two. Listed below are the three main players I think will make the difference in my team. Remember I’m coming from being a semi-professional club and I’ve a lot of dead wood still around. Adding quality loans to my side will be key and I manage to ask the board for an affiliate and I chose Spurs. A HUGE pool of potential. I’m still sticking with my 532 formation that has been my tactic for the last three seasons but with a different class of opposition in league two I’ll have to see how this fairs and also now being a professional club I can now really get my teeth into the training module on FM19 and train my players how I want for big games and busy periods. Now the fun begins.


First is a new striker. Goals are going be key in this league with better defenders to contend with so my first signing is Gabriel. Fast and can finish but his composure is a worry for me.

Next we have Gabriel’s partner in crime this season and that’s Kyle McFarlane. Player in the middle of his career but can finish and can run with the ball. Hopefully will strike a good partnership together

Last but not least is a new wingback. The wingback positions have been a huge problem recruiting for as you either have to make one yourself in the youth setup or pay huge money for one. Lucky for me this guy was on a free and believes in the Boston way. Hayden fits the bill for what im looking for with pace, tackling and stamina. Crossing not as high as I would have liked but a lot better than I had in the position.



So my board expectations this season are avoid relegation and that’s it. Forty points are the required points total and the media don’t think I have a chance. I’ve recruited well and managed to sway them into giving me 350/1 odds to win the league but I’m 19th out of 24 teams in the league so relegation is a possibility. First game of the season is at home as it always seems to be and I had an ok pre season but wasn’t the finished article yet. A boring 0-0 kicked off my season but it is one point towards the magic forty. Heading to Yeovil next and McFarlane get his first goal for the club as we pick up another point. Not getting beat in my first two games felt like wins to be honest. Back at the community stadium and the fans have packed Boston’s town and filled my stadia with 7000 fans coming to see me get my first win of the season 2-1 vs Carlisle, Kyle and Gabriel both getting on the score sheet (could this been the partnership I had dreamed of). Mess around game so I rotate my squad for my first Carabao cup game and we are away to Rochdale and manage to secure a 2-0 away in and drop us in the hat for the 2nd round. Lovely stuff and some extra income for the club.

Huge month of games to start the season with ten games in just 31 days. Next we travel to our promotion buddies in Hartlepool but we get our first loss of the season 2-0. Swindon at home we win 3-2 after a battle of wills and a 2-1 loss away at Salford give us eight points after six games. Carabao cup time though and the 1st round I wasn’t interested but this time we draw Leicester City away! Massive game for us financially and to test my squad against much better opposition. Back and fourth this game went with them taking the lead before I equalise and then go 2-1 up at halftime. Leicester come out the blocks like a rocket and It doesn’t take long before they are level and its 2-2 but the drama isn’t over until the whistle goals and in the 90th minute Gabriel smashes in the winner to progress us into the 3rd round of the Carabao cup!! Scenes! With confidence high we play at home next and secure a 3-1 win and played very well but I have tired players after them games. I rotate for the final game of the month and its the Checkatrade trophy so I didn’t really care much for that but the lads put up a fight and we narrowly loose on penalties. Ten games done and what a month too.

Back at it now after that huge win with league football and we start the month with two draws 1-1 and 2-2 but its points. Away to Bury next and we suffer our biggest lose in a long time 4-1 and a real back to earth result in league two, out played in every part of the game I wasn’t happy with that. Tinkering again with the training I pull of a 3-0 win at home to Doncaster after that huge lose and I’m starting to understand the importance of training now as it made a big difference to the way we played. Next is a nice little break from the league football and our 3rd round tie in the Carabao cup vs Premiership Bournemouth away. Not expecting any upsets here to be honest the Leicester game really took it out of my players but I set up my squad the best I can for the battle in front of me but sadly Bournemouth were far to strong and we crash out of the cup 5-1 but our heads high. First time in the competition and we have surpassed the board expectations and made a truck load of Wonga along the way but my players are absolutely knackered and we lose in the league 2-1 away at Grimsby next but still happy with how we played. After seeing all my players really take a hammering I reduce the training this week to give them a rest and boy did that work well for me! A refreshed side hammer Oldham 9-1 yes 9-1 at home and get my biggest win as a manager this save and I’m delighted. What a way to end the month!

Well after that amazing win the players are feeling quite good and I take my tip of reduced training a little (still learning the ropes) and we win comfortably 2-0 away to Port Vale and now I feel like we are no way getting relegated this season. My strikers are really finding their form now and I’m getting goals from midfield and assist galore from my wingbacks. I’ve moved my own goalposts now and I’m aiming for mid table. As we are progressing well in the league I’m deciding to throw my Checkatrade games and rotate my squad as much as I can to give the players a good rest. We are at home to Salford in the next game and to be fair to my kids/fringe players we get a 1-1 draw but sadly loose on penalty’s again but ill take that. So back to league football and I’ve got my first team players back and feeling fresh we take on Newport at home and win 3-1 scoring some lovely goals on the way. Crewe away next and we concede a late goal to finish 2-2 but ill take that we should have left with three though. Notts County at home are wiped out my our attacking flair 3-1 and a McFarlane hat trick and a 3-1 win away at Forest Green finishes the month and give us a six game undefeated streak.

Fa cup time and we have Bradford away in the 1st round this season and even though they are a league above us I’m very hopeful we can progress past them so I set out my strong side and we come away with a 2-1 win and put ourselves in the pot for the 2nd round and solid performance against better opposition. Arsenal u23’s next in the Checkatrade and its rotation time again so the kids and fringe players are back and again they don’t let me down, we get our third draw in the competition and our third penalty loss as well and whilst its a shame to lose we now have a fresh team again for league action. Accrington away and set pieces are the key here with a corner routine and a free kick routine getting the better of a hard defence to break down giving us a 3-2 win. Two 3-1 results against Rochdale at home and Morecambe away gives us six more points and we are now in the mix in this division at the top, exciting times to be a Boston fan. To finish off the month we have the Fa cup tie against fellow league two side Yeovil away but thanks to a hat trick from Meite (a player who has been injured forever) we win 4-2 and are in the 3rd round with the big boys….come on let’s get a trip to Old Trafford!!  Nine undefeated in the league too.

Heading into a month of just pure league two football and we are nine games unbeaten and very confident against anyone we face. First up with month is Crawley at home who get a 1-1 against use despite our dominance throughout the game. Two away games against Stevenage and Cheltenham see us get a 1-0 and 2-0 and boost our playoffs hopes, yes I say playoffs we are really motoring in the league now. Our Fa cup opponents now come to the community ground and get a 0-0 as we played very poor. We finish off the month hosting Hartlepool and get a narrow 1-0 win. Goals are becoming hard to come by at home. We’ve been having the odd cup game here and there and it’s really helped keep my players fresh so fatigue is now becoming an issue.

Back at it with the Fa cup and its our 3rd round tie away at Brentford. A top side in the championship and a strong side all over I decide to throw this game as well as I’m going to get money and I don’t want my players morale to be damaged and as a result the score line isn’t really a surprise as we get thrashed 6-1 but I have a squad at home resting and ready for the league, no matter what side I put out I’m getting a nice little earner. So we are now out of all the cups but have a nice load of money coming into the club (it’s not cheap being professional) so we head off to Carlisle and play the game of the season in a 4-4 slobberknocker before heading to Swindon to draw again 2-2. My strikers are doing there bit but my defenders are letting me down slightly. Training now focusing on defending for a few weeks as scoring hasn’t been an issue and we get revenge on Salford for an earlier season loss and smash them 4-0! Clean sheet and goals, that’s the football I want. A comfortable 3-1 win away at Cambridge thanks to a brace from Robbie Burton secure us three more points and a 0-0 at home to Shrewsbury finish off a busy month and continue our amazing run of nineteen games undefeated in the league.

NINETEEN games unbeaten in the league has put us in an incredible position and playoffs are on the cards. A small month of fixtures only four games as we have no cup football so we start away at Blackpool and looking to extend our run. A tough 2-2 draw but Blackpool nicked there equalizer in the 84th minute. Harsh. Next we have Bury at home and they destroyed us earlier in the season and revenge was on the cards. We tried and tried but we couldn’t break them down and we get a 0-0. Annoying game we threw everything at that one. Doncaster away next and it was a quiet game up until the 72nd minute when Donny went 1-0 up. Ray Haile wasn’t having that and went down the other end and fired in a thunder bastard of a goal to get it to 1-1. Point secured and our unbeaten record intact I thought as the 93rd minute came, 94th minutes, 95th minute…….GOAL! 2-1 Donny they have secured all three points in two minutes extra on extra time! Fuming. Our twenty-one game unbeaten run comes to an end in a horrible way. It goes from bad to worse as we lose our final game of the month 1-0 at home and now suddenly haven’t won in five! Football changes fast.

After losing our streak and now not winning in five games I wanted a response from my team. We take on Oldham who earlier in the season we smashed 9-1 at home and I wanted a goal fest again. We get off to a flyer and score in eight minutes and continued from there securing a 4-2 win and a more total football game. Port Vale next at home and again we stutter in front of our own fans with a 2-1 loss. Frustration now as we are in such a fantastic position in the league and we are slowly throwing it away. Newport away and another goal filled game as we run away 3-0 winners and didn’t really have to work hard for it. Why are we not doing this at home?! A nice milestone to celebrate as its my 200th game in charge of Boston and we are at home to Crewe. Like before we are off the mark quick with a goal within the first ten minutes but we can’t hang on and we concede a sloppy goal in the 70th to drop more points and still continue to struggle at home. Finishing off the month we get a 2-2 draw away at Notts County and again points dropped.

Final month of the season and its going to be a close run thing. Playoff football has been secured even with our poor form but we are still in with a chance of automatic and also the title if we can get some consistency. First game we have is at home and I’ve been so frustrated by our home form of late. Forest Green are the opposition and we are off like a rocket again but two more errors late in the game leads to another 2-1 home defeat. Three huge points dropped with five games to play. Accrington at home next and I have zero confidence in my side at the moment in front of my own crown but two late goals in my favour for a change get us a 2-0 win and we are back on track. Rochdale away isn’t an easy game either and they make us work for the points as another late goal gets us the 1-0 win. Morecambe now coming to Boston and we are scoring and not conceding and it shows as Gabriel smashes in a hat trick in front of the home fans as they chant his name and we are in this now, we are in this title race! Crawley away and we slip up here only managing to get a 2-2 draw thanks to an extra time equalise my McFarlane. Final game of the season and if we win we win the league. If we drop a single point Bury will pounce on this.

We needed characters, we needed leaders. Gabriel Ogunseri is a Boston legend and always will be, a superb hat trick and a Robbie Burton goal secure us not only promotion but secure us the title! BOSTON UNITED WIN THE SKYBET LEAGUE TWO!!! Three titles in a row, three promotions. This team doesn’t know when its beat!

Amazing season. Some incredible results and some incredible players at this team. The end of season awards are littered with Boston United personnel. See below for the final standings, the awards and more






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