Throw-ins – how deadly are you?

Throw-ins – how deadly are you?

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Welcome everybody to my first blog on tactics and tips. I shall be sharing my own experiences of football manager and a few things I’ve picked up over the years to help hopefully make your game experience a lot better. Now I’m not saying my tactics are gospel nor plug and go they are merely a template for you to add into your team and for you to add the topping. Everything needs work.

Lets get into this then, how deadly is your throw in? Do you even think about having that option to create a goal scoring opportunity from a throw? Below I’m going to go through what I have been using on FM19 and how devastating it can be. I will go through what players roles are, what attributes they require and show you clips of the finished article so what are you waiting for….go grab a drink, get comfy and let’s get into this.

So to start I have to drop credit on one of my favourite FM19 creators and a top bloody chap and that’s FMCatenaccio as it was him that brought it to my attention how good this could be. I fully recommend you read his article after this. Click here It always stuck in my head from one of his posts that you need to get that extra 1% out of your players and how can I be that 1% better as a team. This got me in the realms of set pieces and to start with throw ins. I must have made thirteen different tactics before I had got the one I wanted, tweaking them, changing things, personnel, it was a labour of love.

First things first lets take a look at my tactics from a throw in and break them down starting from the front to the back.

So when I’m building my tactics I always try to keep left-sided players on the left and right on the right, the last thing you want if you get countered is players having to run across the middle of the pitch just to get back into position. Anticipation is key to this tactic so your going to hear that word a lot. Remember you can’t be offside from a throw-in!

STC: Attacking the far post – High anticipation and good finishing so he can ne ready for the cross

AMC: Marking the keeper – He is your wall. Your second tallest player with good strength. He will be blocking the keeper and being a total menace

DC: Go forward – Second most important player for this. This will be your tallest player, best jumper, best header, he will be flicking that ball on into this bunch of players for an easy tap-in

DCL:  Go forward – Your third tallest player with good anticipation and heading. He will be ready for that flick on or head it himself

DCR: Go forward – Your fourth tallest player with good anticipation and heading. He will be ready for that flick on or head it himself

WBR: Go forward – Doesn’t need to be tall, purely there for counter attack but if he also has good anticipation that’s a bonus

MCL: Lurk outside area – Another key player as he will drive that ball back into the area if its headed back. Good first touch, passing and long shots will also help this player

MCR: Stay back – The defensive wall. My players are quick, can tackle and can also pass to get that ball back into the area

DM: Stay back – The defensive wall. My players are quick, can tackle and can also pass to get that ball back into the area

WBL: Long thrower – The star of the show. If this player is weak the whole thing will fail. He MUST have throwing of at least 12-13 to get that ball into the box and cause problems. His throw will catch everyone out and 9/10 leave the defenders standing still before they even know what’s happening. If there marking is good sometimes your DC will head the ball back into the path of your WBL and cross the ball in.


  • Anticipation –  Must be at least 14 to give the players the best chance of getting on the end of the ball
  • Long thrower – At least throwing of 12-13 so he can launch that ball into the box
  • Good jumpers – Having players that can jump and out head the opposition will help
  • Quick defence – Making sure you have the right players at the back, teams will counter you from time to time and you need to be ready
  • Positioning – Putting the players on the correct side of the pitch whilst attacking with help combat the counter attack


I tried to introduce into my training schedule once or twice a week set piece delivery and chance conversion. Found this helps train the players with this method


Now we have the players all set in there roles lets show you what the outcome is. Below is a few photos, videos of goals I’ve scored this season with my Boston United team which you can follow my save here.

The ball has been sprung from my WBL seen at the bottom of this photo and the ball is just inside the penalty area and as you can see my line of players have all moved forward in anticipation for the ball either being headed on or dropping to there feet. It looks like I have four players all offside but remember you cant be offside from a throw so this is a huge advantage we are gaining here. Making sure we hit our big man at the front is vital but depending on how good the throw is determines how good a chance we will get.

Our defensive line is also sitting in the middle of the pitch marking there only striker. Yes we can still get countered but with there passing outlet marked it gives our players time to get back.

Click the link here and see the goal scored from start to finish.

Same situation in the same game but from the other side, my WBL taking this throw as my WBR wasn’t on the pitch for this one but the same outcome. Ball launched into the area and with no marking again because we caught them off guard with our long throw my CB smashes in a volley.

Click here to see the goal from start to finish.

Hope you enjoyed this and it can advance your game. Any questions please drop me a message.

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