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We are back at it again after yet another title and promotion (that’s four in a row) and we are now one promotion away from the promise land of the premiership. Feels scary being this high up with such a small team. Only being able to house 7,000 fans in my community stadium in Boston and having limited resources we will aim to survive like every other season and like every other season preparation is key and details matter.

Ins and outs we had quite a few as I needed to improve areas of the team that was either ageing or had slots filled with loans. So last season we had Enda Stevens (WBL) on loan but secured the permanent signing of him from Ipswich for 70k and is a much welcomed addition. Secondly we also resigned one of the saves legends in Ogunseri (AF) from Nottingham Forest. He has scored goals in every league we’ve had him in and now is his chance on the big stage. Last but not least is Jamie Shackleton (DLP) on loan from Leeds. Looking for him to spark the midfield and create something when times are hard. (Just like to say I had screenshots of my three top players like previous blogs but my screenshots didn’t save properly and corrupted, sorry)


The year is 2023 and Boston United have shot up the league ladder into the championship and are embarking on new territory they could only of dreamed of! No easy games in this league and finding a formula that works quickly will be key to our survival. So the first game of the season we are at home and there is 7,000 fans cheering us on.

We started with a tricky game at home against Brentford but it went better than I had hoped. A goal either side of halftime secured our first three points of the season. Next up Forest and Ogunseri not eligible we have to change the strike force around a little. A tight game and hardly any chances created it was a set piece that got us our goal from league journeyman Tosin Adarabioyo. A break from league football follows and we take a trip to Derby County for a Carabao 1st round tie. Not a game I really put much heart into as I’m more about surviving in this division and I’m not going to win this cup any time soon so rotation was made. Managed to take them to penalties after a 1-1 draw but it wasn’t to be. Back to league footy and Sunderland who are not a strong side like years gone by get an absolute pasting 3-0 with youngster Rob Burnett grabbing a brace and on loan striker Walters getting the third. Two home games to finish our first month in the championship and we win both games by scores of 2-1 and 1-0 to give us a nice healthy 13 points and an undefeated start to the league season.

Huddersfield away next who are one of the league favourites and it showed as they rolled us over 3-1 with us only getting a consolation penalty towards the end of the game. Still on the road and a trip to Mansfield town saw us leave with all three points and a great performance by the lads. Another game where we didn’t stand a chance was Burnley at home. They really did expose the areas of my team I’m lacking in and easily won 2-0. Goals seem to be the issue with my team and creating them a major factor, I have the players to but the ball in the net but lack quality to make that happen. Walters and Ogunseri don’t let me down in the next game with a goal a piece to secure a 2-0 win away at Barnsley. Finish off the month with a home game and a win vs Millwall

A huge win to start the month off with a 1-0 away win to Middlesbrough. The rest of the month didn’t go as sweet unfortunately. A 1-0 loss to West Brom followed that great result. Next was an away game vs Reading and a right back and forth game saw us share the points and finish 2-2. Next is Derby and the second time we are playing them this season. A close game but we didn’t create enough and we lost 2-1. Finishing off the month was sa trip to Fulham and another 1-0 loss. Only four goals scored this month, the creative middle of my team isn’t as I had hoped and its making this tough.

Only a small month this so I decided to change things up. I switched my Wingbacks back to attacking and narrowed my play and instantly we saw results. A massive 3-0 win at home to Birmingham and goals from Ogunseri(2) and wingback White. Felt nice to win a game. Next we travelled to Rotherham and I didn’t change the team or tactics after that and we win again,2-1! Could I have found the answer here. Buzzing after the last two results we have a home tie vs Preston but they were just to strong for our new found attacking style and picked us of for an easy 3-0 win. QPR away finishes the month and we lose 2-0. Not down about the last two games as I have to pick the games I’m going to get points from.

After what had been an up and down month but taking more positives from it I went into a very busy December with high hopes. First off came Bristol City to the community stadium and we smashed them 3-0. Perfect start. Another home game and we take on Swansea and share the points. First of tow away games coming up next and Villa away should prove a good test for my new confident side. A boring 0-0. Brighton next then and what a game this turned into, attack vs attack with neither defence giving two hoots about there roles and we lose 4-3 but what a game. Forest next at home and we win comfortably 3-1 with another goal from Walters who’s found the goal scoring touch in the last few games. Brentford away finishes the festive period and we secure a point on the road. Overall I’m very happy with how that month went. A lot of games and a lot of goals from my side. Positive thoughts.

Tough home game to start the month as Sunderland come to my backyard and revenge there earlier 3-0 defeat  at home. FA Cup next and we are starting off in the 3rd round. League one Bradford are our opposition and I roate the quad a little as not to injure our main players. A nervy game in the end but we manage a 1-0 win and a 4th round tie vs Tottenham at home, come on! Oxford away next and they take advange to my tied side but cant stop the force of Jack Evans and we win 3-2. The next game is a game I want to forget and I think its the biggest loss ive had in my whole Boston career. 6-1 loss at HOME and we deserved it, Nearly every attack they had we conceded. FUMING! I wanted a response and I kind of go one. A tough 4-2 home win against Mansfield wasn’t what I had hoped but it was a win after all. Next up…..Tottenham! So as FA Cup games go there isn’t many teams on this game that are just solid to beat, well I gave Spurs one hell of a game. 2-2 was the final score but Spurs were 2-0 down and had to score a 86th minute equaliser to take me to a replay. Very happy with that and the money ill make from the replay.

Staring the month off with a loss isn’t the best but we put up a good fight against a strong Blackburn side. Still tough to remember that we are such a small side compared to everyone else in this division. Next is the huge FA Cup replay we worked hard to get and a trip to the new spurs stadium – yes in 2024 it had finally opened. We got off to a flyer with an early goal but spurs were just to strong for us in the end and we end up losing the game 3-1. No regrets we have outdone ourselves by getting this far. Yet another game away our third in a row and we get a great 3-2 win but that taste soon turns sour as a trip to Millwall next see’s us get a thrashing. Back home for a game with Barnsley and a good 2-0 win and finishing off the month with a 3-1 loss away. Our away from hasn’t been good at all and something that needs looking at. Feb also saw me reach my 30th game in football management and also the retirement of our left back Enda Stevens due to injury.

With relegation and promotion off the table the games are now just a process to the end of the season. I decided to mix up the team selections and the tactics slightly. Our away from has been hot and cold this season so with a few changes we manage to get a 2-1 win away at West Brom. Loved that. Next is Reading and keeping the same tactics we had a good game but couldn’t get through the defence. Two tough games followed with Fulham at home and Derby away and neither went well. Fulham finally got the win in a 3-2 battle and Derby totally outclassed us. Finishing off the month was a trip to another midland side in Birmingham and get again it was a battle but we ended on the wrong side.

Final push to the end of the season and we have a home game to start! A poor performance from players that look like there on a beach already saw a poor Rotherham side beat me 3-1 and didn’t break sweat. QPR followed and again the balance of finding attack and defence avoids us. 0-0 which I’m happy not to conceded but also unhappy we have to sacrifice our creativity. Preston away and out away from continues with a 3-1 loss. Going for an attacking mindset in this away game after struggling to get goals on the road we win 2-0 away at Bristol City and then follow that up with a 3-0 win away at Swansea. Two games on the road with non conceded and five goals scored. Have I stumbled on something here? Villa at home and another 2-1 win using this attacking mentality and Brighton at home finishes our first campaign in the championship. What a season that was. An 11th place finish.




So season six has now been completed and what a rollercoaster season it was. Away form not fantastic, home from improved but we are short on talent to make this push for the playoffs. Thanks for reading. Follow my social media below and also click on the banner to follow all the other FMBase bloggers making great talent.


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Finding a successful tactic that works in FM19 (ME 19.3)

Finding a successful tactic that works in FM19 (ME 19.3)

Hello everybody and welcome to another tips and tricks post. Today we will be going over a tactic I have been working on for the past few weeks and tweaked for ME 19.3. I’ve read a lot of posts saying there tactics are no longer working as well or they have been totally nerfed. Well this isn’t a plug and go tactic, it still requires a small amount of knowledge and players to get the full effect from it.

As many of you might know I have a Boston United save currently and I’ve had to adapt my style of play going through the leagues. I’ve always been a fan of 4-2-3-1 on FM since FM13 onwards and this year I’ve reverted back to that. I wanted a team that was solid at the back but still had the attacking freedom to destroy teams. I’ve not built this for possession so if it’s a tika taka you are after then this isn’t for you. This is a go for their throat and kill kind of tactic. I’ve tested the tactic with great success and put a lot of time and effort into reading Peoples blogs and studying the movement of the players in their roles so let’s get into it.


Lets look at what I’ve built and understand why I’ve done this. I’m a huge fan of wingers and have been for years from signing Gabriel Barbosa and having him rip up sides from an IF position, wonderful. But times have changes and so has the match engine and I guess that’s why you are here.

Sweeper Keeper

Not everyone’s preferred choice as a keeper role but I wanted a ‘Ederson’ kind of keeper role so mop up through balls and start attacks from the back.

Ball Playing Centre backs

Having the ball is the first step to winning so I don’t want my CB’s just wasting possession. Passing the ball off to the more attack minded wingbacks or DLP will ensure possession isn’t wasted

Decisions, passing and composure.


The secret weapon to any FM19 save this year. They are seriously OP and I’ve had them in every tactic on FM19 so far with huge results. Getting forward, cross and goals they are a massive part of this tactic.

Crossing, pace, stamina are key for this.

Box to Box Midfielder

A workhorse in the middle that will do both attacking and defensive duties. Having your B2B with a good longshot will add to your goal tally and stamina is a must!

Deep Lying Playmaker

He will keep the defence in his sight but also have an eye for a great pass. Will lay the ball off you the wings and the Trequartista to start attacks. Vision, passing and flair.


An unused role in FM as I hardly every see it being selected. I’ve not used it much in fairness but this year it seems a very nice addition to a line up. Will link the midfield to the attack and also have an eye for goal.


Running in behind the defence is the easiest way and the best way in FM19 to create a goal. Wingers with pace and crossing and looking for the overlap of a wingback will help you break down them stubborn defences

Complete Forward

The main man, the star in our team. He is the guy that is going to get you 25+ goals a season and fire you to success. An all-rounder upfront. Finishing, composure are a must!




I’ve been testing this again and again making sure im happy with what ive made. I wanted to make a tactic that could score lots and concede minimal amounts. I took my tactic to four sides and gave them my full attention. Ajax, Juve, RB Leipzig and Manchester United all tested the tactic and had very good results. I made no transfers with any of these sides.

Lets start with Ajax who were my initial team I started the test on.


So my Ajax side scored a massive 92 goals in 34 games and conceded just 23. That was the highest and the lowest in the league. They also went on to win the Dutch cup making it a double.


Juve dominated Italy and secured the treble in their first season. Only losing three games and out scoring there opponents. Nearly made the 100 points total. Serie A, Italian cup and Italian super cup winners. Ronaldo as a CF scoring 29 league goals.


The United test and just because I’m a United fan. A fantastic season going the whole season undefeated, scoring hat full of goals and conceding very few. Also picking up the Carabao cup making it a double winning season

Scoring a massive 97 goals and only conceding 13 in a whole season. Smashing the 100 point barrier.

Redbull Leipzig

The final test of the tactic testing see’s me test it with Leipzig. Media predicted to finish 8th I managed to secure a 2nd place finish only 3 points behind the eventual winners and also along the way score the most goals in the season and concede the 3rd least. One hell of a season.

2nd place finish

Solid defence

Top goalscorers

Timo Werner – Scored 52 goals in all competitions as my CF. What a baller



So like I said at the beginning of the blog this is a go for the throat kind of tactic. Attacking is the new defence and that’s what we aim for. Playing out of defence using our ball playing centre backs give us the platform for our attacks and get the goals. A very high press and line to keep the opposition nervy and hard tackling to unsettle the opposing players.

I hope you all enjoy this tactic as much as I have testing it. Feel free to ask me questions, change things and make this better. Here is the link you must all be dying to have!


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