Finding a successful tactic that works in FM19 (ME 19.3)

Finding a successful tactic that works in FM19 (ME 19.3)

Hello everybody and welcome to another tips and tricks post. Today we will be going over a tactic I have been working on for the past few weeks and tweaked for ME 19.3. I’ve read a lot of posts saying there tactics are no longer working as well or they have been totally nerfed. Well this isn’t a plug and go tactic, it still requires a small amount of knowledge and players to get the full effect from it.

As many of you might know I have a Boston United save currently and I’ve had to adapt my style of play going through the leagues. I’ve always been a fan of 4-2-3-1 on FM since FM13 onwards and this year I’ve reverted back to that. I wanted a team that was solid at the back but still had the attacking freedom to destroy teams. I’ve not built this for possession so if it’s a tika taka you are after then this isn’t for you. This is a go for their throat and kill kind of tactic. I’ve tested the tactic with great success and put a lot of time and effort into reading Peoples blogs and studying the movement of the players in their roles so let’s get into it.


Lets look at what I’ve built and understand why I’ve done this. I’m a huge fan of wingers and have been for years from signing Gabriel Barbosa and having him rip up sides from an IF position, wonderful. But times have changes and so has the match engine and I guess that’s why you are here.

Sweeper Keeper

Not everyone’s preferred choice as a keeper role but I wanted a ‘Ederson’ kind of keeper role so mop up through balls and start attacks from the back.

Ball Playing Centre backs

Having the ball is the first step to winning so I don’t want my CB’s just wasting possession. Passing the ball off to the more attack minded wingbacks or DLP will ensure possession isn’t wasted

Decisions, passing and composure.


The secret weapon to any FM19 save this year. They are seriously OP and I’ve had them in every tactic on FM19 so far with huge results. Getting forward, cross and goals they are a massive part of this tactic.

Crossing, pace, stamina are key for this.

Box to Box Midfielder

A workhorse in the middle that will do both attacking and defensive duties. Having your B2B with a good longshot will add to your goal tally and stamina is a must!

Deep Lying Playmaker

He will keep the defence in his sight but also have an eye for a great pass. Will lay the ball off you the wings and the Trequartista to start attacks. Vision, passing and flair.


An unused role in FM as I hardly every see it being selected. I’ve not used it much in fairness but this year it seems a very nice addition to a line up. Will link the midfield to the attack and also have an eye for goal.


Running in behind the defence is the easiest way and the best way in FM19 to create a goal. Wingers with pace and crossing and looking for the overlap of a wingback will help you break down them stubborn defences

Complete Forward

The main man, the star in our team. He is the guy that is going to get you 25+ goals a season and fire you to success. An all-rounder upfront. Finishing, composure are a must!




I’ve been testing this again and again making sure im happy with what ive made. I wanted to make a tactic that could score lots and concede minimal amounts. I took my tactic to four sides and gave them my full attention. Ajax, Juve, RB Leipzig and Manchester United all tested the tactic and had very good results. I made no transfers with any of these sides.

Lets start with Ajax who were my initial team I started the test on.


So my Ajax side scored a massive 92 goals in 34 games and conceded just 23. That was the highest and the lowest in the league. They also went on to win the Dutch cup making it a double.


Juve dominated Italy and secured the treble in their first season. Only losing three games and out scoring there opponents. Nearly made the 100 points total. Serie A, Italian cup and Italian super cup winners. Ronaldo as a CF scoring 29 league goals.


The United test and just because I’m a United fan. A fantastic season going the whole season undefeated, scoring hat full of goals and conceding very few. Also picking up the Carabao cup making it a double winning season

Scoring a massive 97 goals and only conceding 13 in a whole season. Smashing the 100 point barrier.

Redbull Leipzig

The final test of the tactic testing see’s me test it with Leipzig. Media predicted to finish 8th I managed to secure a 2nd place finish only 3 points behind the eventual winners and also along the way score the most goals in the season and concede the 3rd least. One hell of a season.

2nd place finish

Solid defence

Top goalscorers

Timo Werner – Scored 52 goals in all competitions as my CF. What a baller



So like I said at the beginning of the blog this is a go for the throat kind of tactic. Attacking is the new defence and that’s what we aim for. Playing out of defence using our ball playing centre backs give us the platform for our attacks and get the goals. A very high press and line to keep the opposition nervy and hard tackling to unsettle the opposing players.

I hope you all enjoy this tactic as much as I have testing it. Feel free to ask me questions, change things and make this better. Here is the link you must all be dying to have!


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