About the blog

About the blog

Hello to the FM community and welcome to my first blog. Just a quick introduction about myself. I’m Alex a 33-year-old gamer and a huge fan of all managerial games. Starting from Premier manager on my PS1 though the LMA phase, Championship manager and then having every single version of FM since its release. Im a life long Manchester United fan (Queue the hecklers) and have a passion for football throughout the world (Minus Liverpool and City).

So my gaming background states i should know what im doing around an FM save, some may say yes. My proudest moments are probably taking Yeading all the way to the Championship back in 2001 and more recently taking Salford City all the way to Europe in FM18. I love a lower league save (LLM) and i like to find a club with a small history or non at all and make my own mark on them, build a legacy and progress through the leagues. I’m very excited to start this save on 2.11.18 and see where we can end up……..


So after going though every single LLM team and assessing who should be graced with a new up and coming manager I’ve decided to start with Boston United. A small club sitting in the lower ends of the national league north. I’ve chosen Boston as my save purely because they have a small ground, poor facilities and I can make this club my own. Not having any form of financial backing isn’t really a problem for me I’m more comfortable finding that free transfer and working with what I’ve got. They are a semi professional side too and that can cause more problems for myself as players come and go all the time so building a team can be problematic but so much fun. I’ll be posting screenshots of my save throughout my blog and I’m sure we will get familiar with players (along as i can keep them), posting goal of the season,player of the month and stats for the players in goals, assist and bookings and more.  Blogs will be posted once a season with a monthly breakdown of the fixtures and how its going generally. i cannot wait to get my teeth into this one.


They are not the most favoured side in this division and ive got my work cut out! I’m going to try to keep some of the original players at the club and see how far i can take them before i rip the club apart and start building for huge success. The new training system this year on FM19 i think this will benefit LLM and help build the player’s ability and with so many different tactics to choose from become a really successful save.

I’ve been tinkering with tactics on the beta in preparation for the save and im going to be starting the season with a 5-3-2 and controlled passing. Finding a player that can actually pass on poor pitches to another player that can control the ball is quite hard so I’m going to have my work cut out!

This year i will also be competing along with other FM bloggers and content creators in the Achievement hunter challenge.

Thanks for reading, drop me a follow and keep up to date with my progress of my FM19 save.